Arm yourself!

Paintball Markers

A Paintball marker also known as a paintball gun is the primary piece of equipment used to tag the opposing player with paintballs. The paintball marker must have a loader or "hopper" attached to keep the marker fed with paint, and will be either gravity-fed or electronically force-fed.


Modern markers require a compressed air (HPA) or Co2 tank. Our markers run on HPA (High Pressure Air). Players who arrive with Co2 will be supplied with an HPA tank at no charge.


Paintballs are composed of a non-toxic, biodegradable, water soluble polymer. Naturally paintball in Whistler will be seasonal but since the introduction of compressed air and cold weather paintballs, technology now allows for a season that lasts all year round.

Fantastic Location

Discover the Whistler RV Park and Campgrounds, perched high above the valley with breathtaking views.

Trained Referees

Our referees have been trained to endure any game and set the rules straight.

Great spectator area

Bring your wife and kids, or watch while you sit a game out.

Best Equipment

We take pride in offering the best equipment for you to play with.

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